And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful

And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful


This article was written by Arthur Glass in 1946. Mr. Glass was born into a poor and very Orthodox Jewish family late in his parents’ life in Poland. His sister took him to Canada before the Holocaust. He was always a student of Jewish Scriptures. He later became a strong advocate for Israel’s Messiah.


Please note: if you are unfamiliar with the strange pagination of this document, it is designed to be printed out on both sides in landscape form (11″ by 8 1/2″), then folded and stapled. This way, the booklet is a half-page in size, and the page numbers will be right. Trying to read this booklet without doing this first will be rather difficult!


Click here for the PDF Booklet. 

This article is an exploration of Hebrew words pertaining to the names and titles of Messiah in Isaiah. It also has footnotes added by his grandson. The title Sabba is used, meaning grandfather, since his grandson addresses issues to his article throughout the booklet.


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