Heat from the Nose

Heat from the Nose

Children observe the body language of adults, and sense changes in their breathing. They display their observations when they are imitating adults. The following text is one of 96 texts with similar expressions:

Genesis 30:2 And Jacob’s anger was kindled against Rachel.

The literal Hebrew reads somewhat differently:

Genesis 30:2 And the nose of Jacob burned into Rachel.

One way anger is expressed in humans is through warm, exhaled air from the nose. Some animals, like the horse, bull and other large farm animals, exhibit this same behaviour. Yehovah also radiates heat from His nose when He becomes angry:

Exodus 4:14 And the anger of Yehovah was kindled against Moses.

A literal rendering is,

Exodus 4:14 And the nose of Yehovah burned into Moshe.

Children notice changes in body parts, like noses and nostrils, eyes and hands more than many adults, and they learn to determine what is about to happen by these changes. If a horse’s nostrils expand when it is angered, a child who is naturally more observant and still learning the world would more quickly recognize this than would many adults.

Yehovah uses these ‘childism’ descriptions throughout the Bible. Most translations hide them as if they are beneath the culture of the Sacred Book, but they are exactly what should be an integral part of a proper translation. Many cultures use descriptive ways of communicating common behaviours. The Hebrew language is well suited for communications in languages throughout the world. If translators would quit tampering for the sake of ‘clarity’, the Bible would be clearer!

Joshua 23:16 [literally] During your transgressing the Covenant of Yehovah your Gods that He commanded you, and ye shall walk and serve other gods, and ye shall prostrate yourselves to them, and the nose of Yehovah shall be hot in you, and ye shall perish quickly from upon the good land that He gave to you.

Jews presently inhabit the State of Israel. It is a privilege to be alive and to witness this during this time. Yet the above verse gives a guarantee that if the Israelis don’t obey the commands of the Torah while living in the Land of Israel, Yehovah will kill them off the land. This disastrous text is normally ignored, as if the words of Yehovah are idle threats. Yehovah’s hot nose will burn against the Israelis, however, and everyone who believes the Word of God should take note. The results to ‘Christianity’ throughout the world will vary from an attitude of ‘I told you so’ accompanied with rejoicing, to great depression accompanied by a sense of hopelessness and shock.

Children understand about the heat of noses. Fearers of God must also.


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