Shirley’s Quiz for Children on Joseph

A Quiz on Joseph for Children’s Sunday School

 by Shirley B.


See if your Sunday School for younger children is truly educating them. Shirley B. taught children at her church, and then gave them the following quiz:


1. What events occurred that landed Joseph in Egypt?


2. How old was Joseph when he went down to Egypt?


3. How many brothers did Joseph have? Give the name of one of his sisters.


4. Who were Joseph’s father and mother?


5. Give the name of Joseph’s oldest and youngest brothers.


6. Judah, the brother of Joseph, had two (2) sons that died. Who were they and how did they die?


7. Who bought Joseph when he was brought to Egypt, and from whom was he bought?


8. What incident caused Joseph’s imprisonment?


9. To whom did Joseph direct this question, “Do not interpretations belong to God?”


10. How did Joseph answer Pharaoh regarding the interpretation of dreams?


11. What name was given to Joseph by Pharaoh and how old is Joseph at this time?


12. True or false: Joseph was over the whole land of Egypt.


13. Give the names of Joseph’s wife and his sons.


14. Who said “Joseph is not and Simeon is not and you will take Benjamin away: all these thigs are against me”?


15. Complete the sentence: “I am Joseph your brother whom _____ ______ ______ _____.”


16. Give some information about Israel dwelling in Egypt. Chapter 48:27


17. Jacob lived in Egypt how many years and how old was he when he died?


18. Who mourned for Jacob three score and ten days?


19. A score is equivalent to what number?


20. How long did Joseph live?


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