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February 10, 2009

Who is ‘James’ Who Authors These Papers?

We don’t know, but he isn’t anyone much. He sneaks onto the site and adds stuff when we aren’t looking. From what we have heard, he doesn’t have any credentials (or much hair), and he asks a lot of really weird questions. Don’t believe what he says without checking it out; he may be a troll.

You may notice that this web site doesn’t have a ‘donate’ button. That is because it would really be unintelligent to put one there.

What if someone who doesn’t even believe the Bible were to donate? That would be unethical!

Why should this site be a money-grubbing site like all the other pretty and religious sites? The only one who handled the ‘purse’ for Yeshua was Judas Iscariot, and many have emulated him. They like your money! So, give your money to them.

Of course, if the image of God and His superscription is on anyone, that person should give himself/herself to God, the rightful owner. As for the money, send it to the treasury of the country in which you live; they only loaned it to you to pay public and private debts. Since they own the paper and the coins, donate to your government!

Have you noticed just how little 2,000 years of so-called ‘Christian Scholarship’ has produced? (Jewish Scholarship hasn’t fared any better. Since Christian scholarship always follows Jewish scholarship, perhaps you can see why.) Folks know less about the Bible now in really important ways than they did 2,227 years ago. Just imagine how different things would be if Jewish and ‘Christian’ scholarship held the same standards as science (though those standards are pretty low, permitting their folks to believe theories as if they were proven). Folks might know more about the Bible now than they did 2,245 years ago! They might know, for example, that the angels ascending and descending on that ladder (in Genesis) are bringing word concerning how Jewish children are being treated during the Tribulation! But then, since folks don’t even know that the Bible is about saving lives, that wouldn’t make any sense. But, like the Bible says,

But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.

How many pastors are really called? If a standard were enforced, nearly all would be recalled! But then, folks need to have an anchor for their souls while they live, even if that anchor won’t do them any everlasting good. If it weren’t for the establishment of religion, many would just go violent. So, thank G-D for religion!

We still haven’t found who ‘James’ is who keeps authoring stuff on this web page. But we will look. We can ask Erik; he sometimes knows.

I heard a rumour! It is that the earth will end in the year 205,962, plus or minus 50,000 years! Actually, I heard that this planet is good for a thousand generations from the time of Avraham, but who can believe that? It was only said three times in the Bible.

Speaking of donations, why do folks who claim to teach not to steal form pulpit committees, and go try to steal a pastor from another church with offers of money? And how is it that the pastors who go claim that they were called? Do they mean on the telephone?

Imagine what it would be like to hear a truly called pastor (like Moshe)! Of course, folks would listen to him, then to some liar, and would say how good both of them were! Now, a truly called pastor would infallibly and consistently speak and explain the Word of God. (Did I hear you say that this would be impossible? If this isn’t possible with your deity, try switching to another. Your deity has a power problem.)

Since many pastors (including the infamous ‘youth pastors’) teach that no one can be perfect until dead (isn’t that just a little late?) and that everyone will sin, modern ‘Christianity’ is sending missionaries to the world with the message of imperfection! (Don’t they already have that?) Then, of course, there are those arrogant folks who think they have reached ‘sinless perfection.’ I guess two errors don’t average out to Truth. [Thank you, Erik, for the correction.] Now, that Biblical God commanded folks to be perfect. If humans are made in the image of God, I suspect that they can refrain from sinning about any time they wish. If pastors really read their Bibles (a rare phenomenon, since they are so busy with meetings, with counselling, and with committees), they might even discover that refraining from sinning is reasonable! But since they don’t have time for that stuff, and certainly don’t have time to help folks become independent in handling the Bible, since that might lower donations, they help folks feel clean at communion/Lord’s Supper/Eucharist. They can do a quickie confession, get clean, and feel good until next Sunday/Saturday, depending on prejudices. That way, ‘Christians’ can maintain the same standards as the world, glory to G-D (whoever he is).

But I can only imagine… what it would be like to meet one who is truly called of God, and who therefore handles the Word of God the way those in the Bible who were called and righteous handled Truth.

In the meantime, isn’t it nice to feel secure, knowing that you can just sin on, and have an insurance policy (‘Salvation’ in the shed blood of Messiah Yeshua) that covers all the sinning you will do, only to go be with Him forever in heaven (never mind the New Earth)? Doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t it sound like something is wrong with this?

You say I am rambling? Well, I guess I am.

But then, I don’t expect anyone to read this, anyway.

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