Passover Seder Book

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Thanks is due to Richard and his family for use of this room. We owe Yehovah God Israel for His work on behalf of Israel, both in the historical Skip-over redemption and in the future one. All who have a Biblically based faith and the Hope in the Resurrection of the dead await the Salvation of Israel, and will recognize Israel’s importance and centrality in that Hope being realized. Salvation truly is of the Jews.


This booklet employs Skip-over instead of Passover since pesach literally means to skip over, showing landings only at certain points. Passover sounds more like a crossing (which is reflected in the root from which Hebrew comes).




Shalom, and Welcome!

One must consider a few things before beginning this reading from the Hebrew. Tonight, you will be reading and hearing an English rendering that is as close to ‘exactly’ the original Hebrew as we can approach. This means that it will appear awkward, at first, challenging and perhaps even nonsensical at times. But the careful reader who believes this is truly the Word of God will consider, “Why would the God of the Bible word things this way?” His character and way of looking at the world come through in His living Word. Because it is from the Hebrew, familiar names such as Moses, Aaron and Abraham will read as Moshe, Aharon and Avraham. City names will be rendered by what they mean, not the familiar term, so that Hebron will be rendered Friendship.

Biblical Hebrew used no punctuation; periods, commas, question marks, quotation marks and dashes are not in the original scrolls. This challenges the translator to determine when one speaker ends and another begins. As you consider the texts, keep in mind that the added punctuation is only to assist, and it is not infallible. Feel free to challenge it, as well as the translation.

The Hebrew uses feminine and masculine genders, three tenses, and singular and plural forms. An object (like a city) might appear as a ‘she’. No ‘it’ is found in Hebrew. The English pronouns thee, thy, thine and thou always mean that their objects are singular. Ye, your and you always mean their objects are plural.

Tenses are used in one additional way in the Hebrew. If a future tense is followed by a past tense in the same sentence, it often means that once the future-tense part is carried out, the past-tense action will certainly follow.

Asking questions during a traditional church service reading is not considered proper etiquette. In the Hebrew culture, however, questions are appreciated and desired. The Skip-over event traditionally begins with four questions. Please feel free to raise your hand at any time, and question something you do not understand. Our goal is not to cover a certain amount of text, tonight, but to bring a clear understanding of the texts being read. Ask yourself during the reading, “What does an event that happened 4,000 years ago have to do with us today?” “Do we do anything today that traces its roots back to this event?” “Does this event have future significance?” “Why was it recorded in such great detail by the Creator of the Universe?”

Start asking us questions now; then we will begin.

Verse numbers will be in braces like this: <13>. Footnotes will not be in boxes.



Exodus 7: Introduction to the Exit

<1> And Yehovah1 said unto Moshe,2 “See, I gave3 thee, gods4 to Pharaoh.5 And Aharon6 thy brother will be thy prophet!7 <2> Thou—thou shalt speak all that I will command thee. And Aharon thy brother will speak unto Pharaoh. And he will send the sons of Israel from his land! <3> And I—I will harden8 the heart9 of Pharaoh. And I will multiply my signs10 and my miracles11 in the land of Mitzraim!12 <4> And Pharaoh will not hearken13 unto you. And I will give14 my hand15 into16 Mitzraim. And I will make-exit17 mine armies,18 my People19 the children20 of Israel, from the land of Mitzraim via big justices!21 <5> And the Egyptians shall know that I am Yehovah in my stretching my hand22 upon Mitzraim. And I will make-exit the children of Israel from their midst!”

<6>And Moshe did, and Aharon, just as Yehovah commanded them. So they did! 23  <7> And Moshe is a son of 80 year!24 And Aharon is a son of 3 and 80 year during their speaking unto Pharaoh!



The Serpent’s Meal

<8> And Yehovah said unto Moshe and unto Aharon to say,25

<9> “Because Pharaoh will speak unto you to say, ‘Give ye for yourselves a wonder!’ 26 And thou shalt say unto Aharon, ‘Take thy rod! And throw to the faces of27Pharaoh.’ He will become28 to a serpent!”

<10> And Moshe came, and Aharon, unto Pharaoh. And they did so—just as Yehovah commanded. And Aharon threw his rod29 to the faces of 27 Pharaoh and to the faces of his slaves.30 And he became to a ‘taneen’! 31  <11> And also Pharaoh called to wise-men32 and to warlocks.33 And the diviners34 of Mitzraim—also they did so via their flames.35 <12> And they threw, a man his rod! And they became to ‘taneeneem’! 36 And the rod of Aharon swallowed their rods! <13> And the heart 9 of Pharaoh gripped.37 And he did not hearken unto them, just as Yehovah spoke!




Egyptian Punch


<14> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “The heart of Pharaoh is heavy.38 He refused to send the People. <15> Walk unto Pharaoh in the morning. Behold, he will exit waterward.39 And be positioned to meet him upon the lip40 of the canal. And thou shalt take the rod that flipped-over41 to a serpent42 in thine hand. <16> And thou shalt say unto him, ‘Yehovah Gods43 of the Hebrews44 sent me unto thee to say, “Send45 my People! And he has served46 me in the desert!” And behold, thou hast not hearkened unto so! 47 <17> So said Yehovah, “Thou shalt know that I am Yehovah via48 this! Behold, I am smiting via the rod that is in my hand upon the waters that are in the river! And they shall be flipped-over to blood! <18> The fish that is in the canal will die and the canal shall stink. And the Egyptians will loath to drink water from the canal!”’”

<19> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Say unto Aharon, ‘Take thy rod. And stretch thine hand upon waters of Mitzraim, upon their rivers, upon their canals and upon their pools, and upon every gathering of their waters. And they shall be blood! And the blood shall be in all the land of Mitzraim, and in the trees and in the rocks!”

<20> And Moshe and Aharon did so, just as Yehovah commanded. And he elevated via the rod. And he smote the waters that are in the canal to the eyes of49 Pharaoh and to the eyes of his slaves. And all the waters that are in the canal flipped-over to blood! <21> And the fish that is in the canal died. And the canal stank. And Egyptians were not able to drink water from the canal. And the blood50 was in all the land of Mitzraim! <22> And the diviners34 of Mitzraim did so via their flames.51 And the heart9 of Pharaoh gripped.37 And he did not hearken13 unto them just as Yehovah spoke. <23> And Pharaoh turned. And he came unto his house. And he did not put his heart also to this. <24> And all Egyptians dug water around the canal to drink, for they were not able to drink from the waters of the canal. <25> And He fulfilled seven of the days after Yehovah’s smiting the canal.




<26> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Come52 unto Pharaoh! And thou shalt say unto him, ‘So said Yehovah! “Send my people! And he has served me! <27> And if thou art refusing to send, behold I am scourging all thy border via Tzfardeem!53 <28> And the canal shall swarm Tzfardeem. And they shall ascend. And they shall come into thine house and into the chamber of thy bed and upon thy recliner and into the house of thy servants and into thy people and into thine ovens and into thy kneadingtroughs! <29> And the Tzfardeem will ascend into thee and into thy people and into all thy servants. The Tzfardeem shall ascend!”’”



Exodus 8: Tzfardeem (Frogs)

<1> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Say unto Aharon, ‘Stretch thine hand via thy rod upon the rivers, upon the canals and upon the pools. And make the Tzfardeem ascend upon the land of Mitzraim!’”1

<2> And Aharon stretched his hand upon waters of Mitzraim. And the Tzfardaya2 ascended. And she3 covered the land of Mitzraim. <3> And the diviners4 did so via their flames. And they made-ascend the Tzfardeem upon the land of Mitzraim. <4> And Pharaoh called to Moshe and to Aharon. And he said, “Entreat5 unto Yehovah, and He has turned-away the Tzfardeem from me and from my people! And I will send the people. And they have sacrificed to Yehovah.”

<5> And Moshe said to Pharaoh, “Make yourself bright6 concerning me! When shall I entreat for thee and for thy servants and for thy people to cut-off the Tzfardeem from thee and from thy houses? Only in the canal they will remain.”

<6> And he said, “Tomorrow!”

And he said, “According to thy word so that thou shalt know that there isn’t as Yehovah our Gods!7 <7> And the Tzfardeem shall turn-away from thee and from thine houses and from thy servants and from thy people. Only in the canal will they remain.”

<8> And Moshe exited, and Aharon, from with Pharaoh. And Moshe shouted8 unto Yehovah concerning the matter of the Tzfardeem that He put to Pharaoh. <9> And Yehovah did according to the word of Moshe. And the Tzfardeem died from the houses, from the courtyards and from the fields. <10> And they heaped them, their bubbling, their bubbling. And the land stank. <11> And Pharaoh saw that the breather9 was. And he weighted10 his heart11 and did not hearken unto them just as Yehovah spoke.



Dusty Louse

<12> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Say unto Aharon, ‘Stretch12 thy rod and smite dust of the land. And he will become13 to their louse in all the land of Mitzraim.’”

<13> And they did so. And Aharon stretched his hand via his rod. And he smote dust of the land. And she became their louse in adam and in beast—all dust of the land became lice in all the land of Mitzraim.  <14>And the diviners did so via their flames to send-out the lice. And they were not able! And their louse became in adam14 and in beast.15

<15> And the diviners4 said unto Pharaoh, “He is the finger of gods!”16 And the heart of Pharaoh gripped.17 And he did not hearken unto them just as Yehovah spoke.



 The Swarm

<16> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Early-rise18 in the morning. And position-thyself19 to the faces of20 Pharaoh. Behold he will exit to the water. And thou shalt say unto him, ‘So said Yehovah, “Send my people, and he has served me!21  <17>For if thou art not sending my people,22 behold I am sending into thee and into thy servants and into thy people and into thy houses the swarm! And they shall fill the houses of Mitzraim with the swarm, and also the soil that they are upon her!  <18> And in that day, I will segregate23 the land of Goshen upon which my people is24 standing so that the swarm is not being there, so that thou wilt know that I am Yehovah in the midst of the land!  <19> And I will put a redemption25 between my people and between thy people. Tomorrow, this sign26 shall be!”’”

<20> And Yehovah did so. And a heavy27 swarm came to the house of Pharaoh and the house of his servants and in all the land of Mitzraim. The land was ruined28 from the faces of the swarm!

<21> And Pharaoh called unto Moshe and to Aharon. And he said, “Walk ye! Sacrifice ye to your gods29 in the land!”

<22> And Moshe said, “Not established to do so! For we will sacrifice the abomination30 of Mitzraim to Yehovah our Gods! Behold, we will sacrifice the abomination of Mitzraim to their31 eyes, and he31 will not stone us? <23> We will walk a way of three days into the desert, and we will sacrifice to Yehovah our Gods just as He said unto us.”

<24> And Pharaoh said, “I, I32 am sending you! And ye shall sacrifice to Yehovah your gods in the desert! Only making distance, ye shall not make distance to walk!33 Entreat5 for my sake!”

<25> And Moshe said, “Behold, I am exiting from thy people. And I will entreat unto Yehovah. And He will turn-away the swarm from Pharaoh, from his servants and from his people tomorrow. Only Pharaoh shall not again keep-hanging34 to not send the people to sacrifice to Yehovah!”

<26> And Moshe exited from with35 Pharaoh. And he entreated unto Yehovah.  <27>And Yehovah did according to the word of Moshe. And he expelled36 the swarm from Pharaoh, from his servants and from his people. One did not remain.  <28> And Pharaoh weighted his heart also in this stroke.37 And he did not send the people.



Exodus 9: The Plague



<1> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Come unto Pharaoh. And thou shalt speak unto him,  ‘So said Yehovah Gods of the Hebrews,  “Send my people, and he has served1 me!”   <2> For if thou art refusing to send, and thou art yet gripping2 into them, <3> behold the Hand of Yehovah is being in thy cattle that is in the field—in horses, in asses, in camels, in herd and in flock, a very heavy plague.  <4> And Yehovah will segregate between the cattle of Israel and between the cattle of Mitzraim. And not a thing will die from all to the sons of Israel.’”


<5> And Yehovah put an appointment3 to say, “Tomorrow Yehovah will do this word in the land.”


<6> And Yehovah did this word from tomorrow.4 And every cattle of Mitzraim died. And not one from the cattle of the children5 of Israel died. <7> And Pharaoh sent. And behold, not unto one from the cattle of Israel died. And the heart of Pharaoh weighted.6 And he did not send the people.


Ashen Boil

<8> And Yehovah said unto Moshe and unto Aharon, “Take ye to you a fullness of your fists of ash of a furnace. And Moshe shall sprinkle him heavens-ward to the eyes7 of Pharaoh. <9> And he shall become to powder over all the land of Mitzraim. And he shall be upon the adam8 and upon the beast9 for a boil flowering eruptions-eruptions in all the land of Mitzraim.”

<10> And they took the ash of the furnace. And they stood to the faces of Pharaoh. And Moshe sprinkled him heavens-ward. And the boil of the eruptions-eruptions flowered in adam and in beast. <11> And the diviners were not able to stand to the faces of Moshe from the faces of10 the boil. For the boil is in their diviner11 and in all Mitzraim. <12> And Yehovah gripped12 the heart of Pharaoh. And he did not hearken unto them just as Yehovah spoke unto Moshe.



Bombing Hail, Voices, Lightning, Rain

<13> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Early-rise in the morning. And position thyself to the faces of Pharaoh. And thou shalt say unto him, ‘So said Yehovah gods of the Hebrews, “Send my people, and he has served me! <14> For in this stroke13 I am sending all my plagues unto thine heart and into thy servants and into thy people for the sake that thou shalt know that there is not like me in all the land! <15> For now I sent my hand and I smote thee and thy people via pestilence.14 And thou hast been expunged15 from the land! <16> And silently16 for the sake of this I ‘stood’17 thee—for the sake of showing thee my power and in order to scroll my Name in all the land. <17> Thou art yet building-up18 thyself via my people to not send them! <18> Behold I am raining very heavy hail as a time tomorrow, that there was not like him in Mitzraim from the day of her being founded and unto now! <19> And now, send! Firm19 thy cattle and all that is to thee in the field. All the adam8 and the beast that he will find in the field, and he will not be gathered to the house, and the hail will descend upon them, and they shall die!” ’ ” 20

<20> The fearer of the speech of Yehovah from the servants of Pharaoh made21 his servants and his cattle flee21 unto the houses. <21> And who23 did not put his heart unto the speech22 of Yehovah, and he forsook his servants and his cattle in the field.

<22> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Stretch thine hand upon the heavens! And hail was1 in all the land of Mitzraim—upon the adam and upon the beast and upon every herb of the field in the land of Mitzraim!”

<23> And Moshe stretched his rod upon the heavens. And Yehovah gave voices24 and hail! And fire25 walked landward! And Yehovah rained hail upon the land of Mitzraim! <24> And hail was very heavy, and fire taking herself in the midst of the hail—that there wasn’t like him in all the land of Mitzraim from then, her becoming to a race!26<25> And the hail smote all that is in the field from adam and unto beast in all the land of Mitzraim. And the hail smote every herb of the field. And he broke every tree of the field. <26> Only in the land of Goshen where the sons of Israel are there, hail wasn’t.

<27> And Pharaoh sent. And he called to Moshe and to Aharon. And he said unto them, “I sinned the stroke! 13,27 Yehovah is the righteous! And I and my people are the culpable-ones!28<28> Entreat-ye unto Yehovah, and multiply from29 there being voices24 of gods30 and hail. And I have sent you.1 And ye shall not add31 to stand!”32

<29> And Moshe said unto him, “As my going out of the city, I will spread my palms unto Yehovah. The voices shall cease and the hail will not be any more, so that thou shalt know that the land is to33 Yehovah! <30> And thou and thy servants—I knew! For before ye will fear from34 the faces35 of Yehovah Gods, <31> and the flax and the barley—she36 was smitten!37 For the barley is spring,38 and the flax is exalted-above.39 <32> And the wheat and the spelt were not smitten, for they are darkened.”40

<33> And Moshe exited the city from with Pharaoh. And he spread his palms unto Yehovah. And the voices ceased, and the hail and rain. And he did not pour-forth41 landward. <34> And Pharaoh saw that the rain ceased, and the hail and the voices. And he added to sin.42 And his heart43 heavied—he and his servants. <35> And the heart of Pharaoh gripped.2 And he did not send the children of Israel just as Yehovah spoke via the hand of Moshe.



Exodus 10: Locust


<1> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Come unto Pharaoh. For I, I weighted his heart and the heart of his servants so that I put these my signs in his midst <2> and so that thou wilt scroll in the ears of thy son and the son of thy son what I have acted1 myself in Mitzraim, and my signs2 that I placed in them. And ye shall know that I am Yehovah!”

<3>And Moshe came, and Aharon, unto Pharaoh. And they said unto him, “So said Yehovah Gods3 of the Hebrews, ‘Until when hast thou refused to humble from my faces?4 Send my people, and he5 has served me! <4> For if thou art refusing to send my people, behold I am bringing tomorrow a locust into thy border. <5> And he will cover the eye6 of the land. And he will not be able to see the land. And he will eat the excess of the escapee7 remaining to you from the hail. And he will eat all the tree8 that springs-forth to you from the field! <6> And they shall fill thy houses and the houses of all thy servants and the houses of all Mitzraim that thy fathers and fathers of thy fathers did not see from the day of their being upon the soil unto this day!’” And he turned. And he exited from with Pharaoh.

<7> And the servants of Pharaoh said unto him, “Until when will this be to us for a snare? Send the men! And they have served Yehovah their Gods! Is it before thou wilt know that Mitzraim perished?”9

<8> And he returned Moshe and Aharon unto Pharaoh. And he said unto them, “Go ye! Serve ye Yehovah your Gods! Who and who are the walking?”

<9> And Moshe said, “We will walk with our youths and with our elders; we will walk with our sons and with our daughters, with our flock and with our herd. For the solemnity10 of Yehovah is to us!” 11

<10> And he said unto them, “He will be so! Yehovah is with you, just as I will send you and your little-one!12 See ye that bad13 is straight-to your faces! <11> Not established!14 Go-ye, na,15 valiant-ones! And serve ye Yehovah! For ye are seeking her!”16 And he forced them from with the faces of Pharaoh.

<12> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Stretch thine hand upon the land of Mitzraim in the locust. And he has ascended upon the land of Mitzraim. And he has eaten every herb of the land, all that remained the hail.”

<13> And Moshe stretched his rod upon the land of Mitzraim. And Yehovah guided the spirit17 of east in the land all that day and all the night. The morning was. And the spirit of the east carried the locust. <14> And the locust18  ascended19  upon  all  the  land of Mitzraim.

And he rested in every border of Mitzraim, very heavy. To his faces20 there was not established a locust like him, and after him he will not be established.21 <15> And he covered the eye of all the land. And the land was darkened. And he ate every herb of the land and every fruit of the tree that remained the hail. And every green did not remain in a tree and in the herb of the field in all the land of Mitzraim.

<16> And Pharaoh hurried to call to Moshe and to Aharon. And he said, “I sinned to Yehovah your Gods and to you! <17> And now, carry22 thou, na,15 my sin but the stroke, and entreat ye to Yehovah your Gods! And He has turned-away from upon me only this death!” 23

<18> And he exited from with Pharaoh. And he entreated unto Yehovah. <19> And Yehovah flipped-over24 the spirit of the sea, very gripping.25 And He carried the locust. And He blasted26 Ending27 Seaward. One locust did not remain in all the border of Mitzraim. <20> And Yehovah gripped the heart of Pharaoh. And he did not send the children of Israel.



Felt Darkness

<21> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Stretch thine hand upon the heavens. And darkness was28 upon the land of Mitzraim. And he felt darkness.”

<22> And Moshe stretched his hand upon the heavens. And darkness of gloom29 was in all the land of Mitzraim three days. <23> They did not see—a man his brother, and they did not arise—a man from his tuchases30 three days! And light was to all the children of Israel in their settlements.

<24> And Pharaoh called unto Moshe. And he said, “Go ye! Serve ye Yehovah! Only your flock and your herd he will position.31 Also your little-one will walk with you!”

<25> And Moshe said, “Also thou, thou wilt give into our hand sacrifices and ascensions? And we will do to Yehovah our Gods? <26> And also our cattle will walk with us! A hoof will not remain! For we will take from us to serve Yehovah our Gods! And we, we will not know what we will serve Yehovah until our coming there!”

<27> And Yehovah gripped the heart of Pharaoh. And he did not consent to send them.

<28> And Pharaoh said to him, “Walk from upon me!32 Guard to thee!33 Do not add34 to see my faces! For in the day of thy seeing my faces, thou shalt die!”

<29> And Moshe said, “Established! Thou hast spoken! I will not add34 further to see thy faces!”



Exodus 11: Slaughter of Firstborn

<1> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “I will bring one further strike upon Pharaoh and upon Mitzraim. Afterward, he will send you from this. According to his sending, he finished. Thrusting, he will thrust1 you from this! <2> Speak thou, na,2 in the ears of the people.3 And they have asked4 a man from with his neighbour and a woman from with her neighbour utensils of silver and utensils of gold.”

<3> And Yehovah gave favour of the people5 in the eyes of Mitzraim. The man Moshe is also very big6 in the land of Mitzraim in the eyes of the servants of Pharaoh and in the eyes of the people!

<4> And Moshe said, “So said Yehovah, ‘As halving the night,7 I am exiting in the midst of Mitzraim. <5> And every firstborn in the land of Mitzraim shall die—from the firstborn of Pharaoh sitting upon his chair unto the firstborn of the slave-woman who is after the millstones, and every firstborn of beast.’ <6> And a big scream will be in all the land of Mitzraim that was not like him, and will not increase8 like him. <7> And a dog will not cut his tongue9 to all the children of Israel to/from10 a man and unto a beast, so that ye will know that Yehovah will segregate11 between Mitzraim and between Israel! <8> And all these thy servants will descend12 unto me. And they will worship13 to me to say, ‘Exit thou!—thou and all the people that is with thy feet!’14 And afterward I will exit.” And he exited from with Pharaoh via heats15 of nose!

<9> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Pharaoh will not hearken unto you16 so that my wonders17 are multiplied in the land of Mitzraim.”

<10> And Moshe and Aharon did all these wonders to the faces of Pharaoh. And Yehovah gripped the heart18 of Pharaoh. And he did not send the children of Israel from his land.


Exodus 12: Spring

<1> And Yehovah said unto Moshe and unto Aharon in the land of Mitzraim to say,1 <2> “This month2 is the head3 of months to you. He is the first3 to you to the months of the year.4 <3> Speak-ye unto all the congregation of Israel to say, ‘In the 10th to this month, and they have taken to them a man a lamb for the house of fathers, a lamb for a house. <4> And if the house will-be-too-little5 from being6 from a lamb: and he will take, and his neighbour near unto his house, via the blanketing of beings.’ 7,8 Ye will blanket a man to the mouth of his eating concerning the lamb. <5> A perfect male son-of-a-year lamb9 will be to you. Ye shall take from the sheep and from the goats. <6> And he shall be to you for a guarding until the 14th day to this month. And ye shall slaughter him—all the congregation10 of the witness11 of Israel—between the evenings.12

<7> And they shall take from the blood. And they shall give13 upon two of the doorposts14 and upon the lintel,15 upon the houses in which they will eat him. <8> And they shall eat the flesh in this night roasted of fire.16 And they shall eat him, Matzos17 upon bitternesses.18

<9> ‘Ye19 shall not eat from him raw and boiling,20 boiled in water, but rather roasted of fire, his head upon his knees and upon his approach.21 <10> And ye shall not make-remain22 from him unto morning. And ye shall burn the remainder from him unto morning in fire. <11> And ye shall eat him thus: your loins girded, your shoes on23 your feet, and your walking-staff in your hand. And ye shall eat him24 in haste25—the Skip-Over26 is He27 to Yehovah!’ <12> And I will cross-over28 in the land of Mitzraim in this night. And I will smite every firstborn in the land of Mitzraim from adam29 and unto beast. And I will do justices30 via all gods31 of Mitzraim: I am Yehovah! <13> And the blood32 shall be to you for a sign33 upon the houses where ye are. And I will see the blood. And I will skip-over above you. And the strike34 will not be in you for a slaughter when I smite35 in the land of Mitzraim.

<14> And this day shall be to you for a remembrance.36 And ye shall solemnize37 him a solemnity37 to Yehovah to your generations. Ye shall solemnize him, a statute38 of Hider! 39

<15> Ye shall eat Matzos17 seven days. But ye shall make-cease40 leaven41 from your houses in the first day. For every eater of vinegar42, and that being43 shall-be-cut-off44 from Israel from the first day unto the seventh day.45

<16> And in the first day is a calling of a Holy-[One].46 And a calling of a Holy-[One] shall be to you in the day seven. He will not make47 any errand in them. He alone shall make for you only what he will eat for every being.48

<17> And ye shall guard49 the Matzos.17 For in this selfsame day I made-exit your hosts50 from the land of Mitzraim. And ye shall guard49 this day to your generations, a statute38 of Hider.39

<18> Ye shall eat Matzos in the evening in the first,51 in the 14th day to the month, unto the day one and twenty52 to the month in the evening. <19> Seven days, leaven41 will not be found in your houses. For every eater from vinegar,42 and that being in a sojourner and in a native of the land shall be cut-off from the witness11 of Israel! <20> Ye shall not eat every53 vinegar! Ye shall eat Matzos in all your dwellings!” 54

<21> And Moshe called to all elders of Israel. And he said unto them,  “Draw-ye55 and take-ye a flock to you—to your families. And slaughter-ye the Skip-Over!56 <22> And ye shall take a bunch57 of hyssop.58 And ye shall immerse59 in blood that is in a basin. And ye shall cause-to-touch60 unto the lintel61 and unto two of the doorposts from the blood that is in the basin.” 62

“And62 ye, ye shall not exit—a man from the opening of his house—unto morning. <23> And Yehovah will cross-over28 to smite Mitzraim. And He will see the blood upon the lintel and upon two of the doorposts.63 And Yehovah will Skip-Over above the opening. And He will not give the slaughterer to come unto your houses to smite.

<24>  “And ye shall guard this speech for a statute to thee and to thy sons unto Hider.39

<25> “And he shall be64 when ye shall come unto the land that Yehovah will give to you just-as He spoke. And ye shall guard this service! <26> And he shall be, for your sons65 shall say unto you, ‘What is this service to you?’ <27> And ye shall say, ‘He is the Sacrifice of Skip-Over to Yehovah Who Skipped-Over above the houses of the sons of Israel in Mitzraim in His smiting Mitzraim. And He rescued our houses!’”

And the People66 bowed. And they66 worshipped.67 <28> And they walked. And the sons of Israel did just-as Yehovah commanded Moshe and Aharon—they did so!68

<29> And he was in the half69 of the night. And Yehovah smote35 every firstborn in the land of Mitzraim from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sits upon his chair unto the firstborn of the captive who is in the house of the pit, and every firstborn of cattle! <30> And Pharaoh arose that night, and all his slaves, and all Mitzraim. And a big scream was in Mitzraim. For there is not a house where there is no death there!

<31> And he called to Moshe and to Aharon… night!… and said, “RISE-YE! EXIT-YE FROM THE MIDST OF MY PEOPLE!—also ye! Also the sons of Israel! And walk-ye! Serve-ye Yehovah as ye spoke—<32> also your flock! Take-ye also your herd just-as ye spoke! And WALK! And bless-ye also me!”

<33> And Mitzraim was strong upon the People to hurry to send them from the land. For they said, “All of us are dead-[ones]!”

<34> And the People70 lifted his dough before he will ‘vinegarize’, their kneadingtroughs bound-up in their clothes upon their shoulder.70 <35> And the sons of Israel did as Moshe spoke. And they asked from Mitzraim utensils of silver and utensils of gold and clothing. <36> And Yehovah gave the favour of the People in the eyes of Mitzraim. And they asked them. And they rescued Mitzraim.71 <37> And the sons of Israel journeyed from Raamses72 to Succot73 as 600,000 feet of the valiant-ones, beside a little-one. <38> And also a great mixture74 ascended with them, and a very heavy flock and herd of livestock!

<39> And they baked the dough that they made-exit from Mitzraim, discs of Matzos. For it was not ‘vinegarized’;75 for they were forced from Mitzraim. And they were not able to WHAT?WHAT?76 themselves. And they also did not make victuals for themselves.

<40> And the settlement of the sons of Israel where they lived in Mitzraim is 30 year[s]77 and 400 year[s].77 <41> And he was from the end of 30 year[s] and 400 year[s]. And he was in this selfsame day. All hosts of Yehovah exited from the land of Mitzraim. <42> He is a night of guardings to Yehovah to make-exit from the land of Mitzraim! He is this night to Yehovah, guardings to all the sons of Israel to their generations!

<43> And Yehovah said unto Moshe and Aharon, “This is the statute of the Skip-Over: every son of a foreigner78 will not eat in him. <44> And every slave, a man bought of silver and thou hast ‘fronted’79 him, then he will eat in him. <45> A sitter80 and a hireling—he will not eat in him.

<46> In one house he shall be eaten. Thou shalt not make-exit from the flesh from the house outside.81 And ye shall not break a bone in him.

<47> All the witness of Israel—they shall do him. <48> And if a sojourner will sojourn with thee and will do Skip-Over to Yehovah, ‘front’79 to him—every male! And then he will approach83 to do him. And he shall be as a native of the land. And every foreskin82 shall not eat in him! <49> One teaching84 will be to the native and to the sojourner sojourning in your midst.”

<50> And all the sons of Israel did just-as Yehovah commanded Moshe and Aharon—they did so!  And he was in this selfsame day. Yehovah made-exit the sons of Israel from the land of Mitzraim over their hosts!



Exodus 13: The Sea

<1> And Yehovah spoke unto Moshe to say, <2> “Sanctify1 to me every firstborn bursting-through2 every womb in the children of Israel—in adam3 and in beast. He is to Me!” 4

<3> And Moshe said unto the people, “Remember5 this day that ye went out from Mitzraim from the house of slaves. For Yehovah made you exit from this via grip of hand. And vinegar shall not be eaten.

<4> “Today ye are going out in the Month of the Spring. <5> And he shall be. For Yehovah will bring thee unto the land of the Canaani and the Khiti and the Emori and the Khivi and the Yevoosi6 that He swore to thy fathers to give to thee, a land oozing7 milk and honey. And thou shalt serve8 this service in this month. <6> Thou shalt eat Matzos9 seven days. And a solemnity10 is to Yehovah in Day Seven. <7> He shall eat Matzos with seven of the days. And vinegar shall not be seen to thee. And leavening shall not be seen to thee in all thy border.

<8>  “And thou shalt tell to thy son in that day to say, ‘Yehovah did to me when I came from Mitzraim on-account-of this!’11 <9> And he shall be to thee for a sign12 upon thine hand13 and for a remembrance between thine eyes14 so that the Teaching15 of Yehovah shall be in thy mouth. For Yehovah made thee exit from Mitzraim via a gripping hand! 16 <10> And thou shalt guard17 this statute18 to her appointment19  from days days-ward! 20

<11> “And he shall be. For Yehovah shall bring thee unto the land of the Canaani just as He swore to thee and to thy fathers. And He shall give her to thee.21 <12> And thou shalt cause- every burster-through22 of womb –to-cross-over23 to Yehovah, and every burster-through of fetus of beast that will be to thee. The males are to Yehovah! <13> And thou shalt redeem24 every burster-through of an ass via a lamb. And if thou wilt not redeem,24 and thou shalt neck25 him! And thou shalt redeem24 every firstborn of adam26 in thy sons.

<14> “And he shall be. For thy son shall ask thee tomorrow to say, ‘What is this?’ And thou shalt say unto him, ‘Yehovah exited us from Mitzraim from the house of slaves via grip of hand. <15> And he was. For Pharaoh hardened27 to send us. And Yehovah killed every firstborn in the Land of Mitzraim from the firstborn of adam26 and unto the firstborn of beast. Therefore I am sacrificing to Yehovah every burster-through of the womb, the males. And I will redeem24 every firstborn of my sons! <16> And he shall be for a sign upon thy hand and for frontlets28 between thine eyes. For Yehovah exited us from Mitzraim via grip of hand!’”

<17> And he was in Pharaoh’s sending the People. And Elohim did not lead them the way of the land of the Palestinians. For he is near. For Elohim29 said, “Lest the People will be grieved in their seeing war, and they shall return to Mitzraim.” <18> And Elohim circled the People the way of the desert of the Ending Sea.30

And the children of Israel ascended fives31 from the land of Mitzraim. <19> And Moshe took the bones of Yosef with him. For making-swear32, he made- the children of Israel -swear,32 saying, “Visiting,33 Elohim shall visit you. And ye shall ascend34 my bones with you from this.”

<20> And they journeyed from Succot.35 And they camped in  Aytam36at the edge of the desert.37 <21> And Yehovah is walking38 to their faces39 daily in a cloud pillar to lead them the way,40 and night41 in a fire pillar to enlighten42 to them to walk daily and night.41 <22> The cloud pillar will not yield43 daily, and the pillar of the fire, night, to the faces39 of the People.


Exodus 14: Egyptian Navy

<1> And Yehovah spoke unto Moshe to say, <2> “Speak1 unto the children of Israel. And they have sat.1 And they have camped to the faces2 of Mouth-Of-The-Holes3 between Tower7 and between the Sea4 to the faces of North-Lord.5 Ye shall camp directly-in-front6 of him upon the Sea. <3> And Pharaoh shall say to8 the children of Israel, ‘They are confused9 in the land! The desert shut upon them!’10 <4> And I will grip the heart of Pharaoh. And he will chase after them. And I have been demonstrated-important11 via12 Pharaoh and via all his army. And Egyptians shall know that I am Yehovah!” And they did so.


<5> And he was told13 to the king of Mitzraim that the people fled. And the heart of Pharaoh and his servants flipped-over14 unto15 the people. And they said, “What is this we did? For we sent Israel from our slavery!” <6> And he harnessed his chariot. And he took his people with him. <7> And he took 600 chosen16 chariot17 and every chariot of Mitzraim, and their third18 over all of him.19


<8> And Yehovah gripped the heart of Pharaoh, king of Mitzraim. And he chased after the children of Israel. And the children of Israel are exiting via an elevated hand.20 <9> And Egyptians chased after them. And every horse, chariot of Pharaoh and his horsemen and his army reached them camping upon the Sea upon  Mouth-Of-The-Holes  to  the  faces  of  North-Lord.

<10> And Pharaoh approached. And the children of Israel lifted their eyes. And behold, Mitzraim is journeying after them. And they feared very much! And the children of Israel screamed unto Yehovah. <11> And they said unto Moshe, “Is without—there are no tombs in Mitzraim—thou hast taken us to die in the desert??21 What is this thou hast done to us to make-us-exit from Mitzraim? <12> Is this not the speech that we spoke unto thee in Mitzraim to say, ‘Cease from us, and we have served Mitzraim!’ For better to us to serve Mitzraim than our death in the desert!”


<13> And Moshe said unto the people, “Fear ye not! Position yourselves! And see-ye the Salvation of Yehovah that He will do for you today. For what ye have seen with Mitzraim today, ye will not redouble22 to see them again unto hider!23 <14> Yehovah will war for you. And ye: ye shall hush!”


<15> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “What wilt thou scream unto me? Speak24 unto the children of Israel, and they have journeyed!24 <16> And thou, elevate thy rod and stretch thine hand upon the sea. And split him. And the children of Israel have come into the midst of the Sea via the dry! <17> And I, behold I am gripping the heart of Mitzraim. And they have come after them! And I have been demonstrated-important via Pharaoh and via all his army, via his chariot and via his horsemen! <18> And Egyptians shall know that I am Yehovah via12 my being demonstrated-important via Pharaoh, via his chariot and via his horsemen!”


<19> And the Angel25  of the  Elohim26  who  walks  to  the faces of27 the  camp of Israel journeyed.  And  He  walked  from  after28 them.  And  the  pillar  of the cloud  journeyed  from29  their faces.  And He31 stood from after30 them.  <20> And He came between  the  camp of Mitzraim and  between32 the  camp  of Israel.  And  He33 was the cloud  and the darkness, and He lit the night. And this34 did not come-near unto this35 all the night.

<21> And Moshe stretched his hand upon the Sea. And Yehovah walked the Sea via a strong wind of the east all the night. And He put the Sea to drought. And the waters split. <22> And the children of Israel came into the midst of the Sea via the dry. And the waters are a wall to them from their right and from their left. <23> And Egyptians chased them. And every horse of Pharaoh, his chariot and his horsemen came after them unto the midst of the Sea. <24> And it was in the guarding of the morning. And Yehovah overlooked36 unto the camp of Mitzraim in the Pillar of fire and cloud. And He hummed37 the camp38 of Mitzraim. <25> And He removed the wheel of his charioteers.39 And He guided 40 him via heaviness. And Mitzraim said, “I will flee from the faces of Israel! For Yehovah is warring for them in Mitzraim!”


<26> And Yehovah said unto Moshe, “Stretch thine hand upon the Sea. And the waters have returned upon Mitzraim, upon his chariot and upon his horsemen.” <27> And Moshe stretched his hand upon the Sea. And the Sea returned to his vigour to the turnings of41 the morning. And Egyptians are fleeing to meet him! 42 And Yehovah shook-off43 Mitzraim in the midst of the Sea. <28> And the waters returned. And they covered the chariot and the horsemen to all the army of Pharaoh coming after them in the Sea. None remained in them unto one!44



<29> And  the  children  of  Israel  walked  via  the  dry  in  the  midst  of  the  Sea.  And  the  waters  are  a  wall45  to  them  from  their  right  and  from  their  left.  <30>  And  Yehovah  saved  Israel  in  that  day  from  the  hand  of  Mitzraim.  And  Israel  saw  Mitzraim  dead  upon  the  lip46  of  the  Sea.  <31>  And  Israel  saw  the  Big  Hand 47  that  Yehovah  made  in  Mitzraim.  And  they—the  people—feared  Yehovah.  And  they  believed  in  Yehovah  and  in  Moshe His servant.


Exodus 15: The Song

<1> Then Moshe will sing this song, and the children of Israel, to Yehovah. And they will say, to say,1 “I will sing to Yehovah! For heightening, He heightened2 horse! And He elevated his chariot via the Sea, <2> my Strength and the Serenade of Yah! And He became to me for Salvation!3 This is my Mighty-[One]!4 And I house-dwelt5 Him—my Gods, my Father! And I elevated Him! 6


<3> “Yehovah is a man of war! Yehovah7 is His Name! <4> He taught charioteers of Pharaoh and his army via the Sea! And they immersed the choice8 of his thirds9 via the Ending Sea! <5> Depths10 shall blanket-cover11 them. They shall descend into the profoundnesses12 like a stone. <6> Thy right, Yehovah, is my majesty in power! Thy right, Yehovah, will shatter13 an enemy! <7> Thou wilt demolish14 Thy risers via the multiplicity of Thy highness!15 Thou wilt send Thy heat!16 He17 will eat them as chaff! <8> And Waters were piled18 via the wind of Thy noses.19 Distillings20 were positioned like a heap.21 Depths congealed22 in the heart of the Sea!


<9> “Enemy said, ‘I will chase! I will reach! I will divide plunder! My being shall be filled of24 them! I will empty my sword! My hand will inherit them!’23 <10> Thou didst blow via Thy wind. The Sea blanket-covered11 them. They submerged25 like lead in majestic waters!


<11> “Who is like Thee in their mighty-[one],26 Yehovah? Who is like Thee—majestic27 via a Holy-[One],28 Terror29 of Psalms30 Pele31 did? <12> Thou didst stretch Thy right;32 land swallowed them. <13> Thou guided this people Thou redeemed33 via Thy Grace.34 Thou led via Thy strength unto the living-quarters35 of Thy Holy-[One].


<14> “The peoples hearkened. They quaked. An army grasped the inhabitants of Palestine.36 <15> Then the Alufs37 of Edom were dismayed,38 the strongmen of Moab! Trembling shall grasp them! All the inhabitants of Canaan melted!39 <16> Dread shall fall upon them, and fear via the bigness of Thine arm. They shall be silent as a stone until Thy people will cross-over, Yehovah—until this people Thou hast acquired will cross-over! <17> Thou shalt bring them. And Thou hast planted them in the Mountain of Thine inheritance established for Thy dwelling! Thou acted,40 Yehovah. Thine hands established the Sanctuary41 of my Lords! <18> Yehovah will reign to hider42 and onward!


<19> “For Pharaoh’s horse came with his chariot and with his horsemen into the Sea. And Yehovah returned the waters of the Sea upon them. And the children of Israel walked via the dry in the midst of the Sea.”


<20> And Miriam the prophetess,43 sister of Aharon took the tambourine via her hand. And all the women exited after her via tambourines and via dances. <21> And Miriam answered to them, “Sing-ye to Yehovah! For heightening,44 He heightened44 horse! And He elevated his chariot in the Sea!”


The above is the historical Passover. The next texts will be Messiah’s Passover, and will refer to the future Passovers.





Luke 22: Messiah’s Skip-over

The Meal

<1> And the Feast of Matzah that is called the Skip-over1 drew near. <2> And the chief priests2 and scribes3 were seeking as to how they might put Him to death. For they feared the people.4  <3> And Satan5 entered into Yehudah6 who is surnamed ‘A man of cities’,7 being of the number of the twelve. <4> And having gone away, he spoke with the chief priests and the captains8 as to how he might deliver Him up to them. <5> And they rejoiced. And they agreed to give him money. <6> And he promised. And he sought opportunity to deliver Him up to them away from a crowd.

<7> And the day of unleavened bread came in which the Skip-over9 needed to be killed. <8> And He sent Peter and John, saying, “Having gone, prepare the Skip-over for us, that we may eat.”

<9> And they said unto Him, “Where willest Thou that we shall prepare?”

<10> And He said unto them, “Behold, on your having entered into the city, a man shall meet you carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house where he enters. <11> And ye shall say to the master of the house, ‘The Teacher10 says to thee, “Where is the guestchamber where I may eat the Skip-over with my disciples?”’ <12> And he shall show you a large furnished upper room. Prepare there.” <13> And having gone, they found as He had said to them.11 And they prepared the Skip-over.

<14> And when the hour was come, He reclined. And the twelve apostles12 are with Him. <15> And He said to them, “With desire13 I desired to eat this Skip-over with you before I suffer-death/Skip-over.14 <16> For I say to you that no more—not at all will I eat of himuntil he is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.”15 <17> And having received16 a cup, having given thanks,17 He said, “Take this and divide among yourselves. <18> For I say to you that not at all will I drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God be come!”18 <19> And having taken a matzah, having given thanks, He broke and gave to them, saying, “This is my Body19 that is given for you.20 Do this21 in the remembrance of me.” <20> Likewise also the cup after having supped,22 saying, “This cup is the New Covenant in my blood that is poured out for you. <21> Moreover, behold, the hand23 of him delivering me up is with me on the table! <22> And indeed the Son of man goes as it has been determined. Nevertheless, woe24 to that man by whom He is delivered up!”

<23> And they began to question this together among themselves: Who then might it be of them who was about to do this? <24> And there was also this strife among them: Which of them is thought to be greatest? <25> And He said unto them, “The kings of the races rule over them!25 And those exercising authority over them are called well-doers! <26> But ye are not so. But he who is greatest among you shall be as the younger!26      And he who leads is as he who serves!27 <27> For who is greater, he who reclines, or he who serves? Is not he who reclines? But I am among you as he who serves! <28> And ye are they who have continued with me in my temptations.28 <29> And I appoint to you a kingdom29 as my Father hath appointed unto me <30> so that ye may eat and may drink at my table in my kingdom, and may sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

<31> And the Lord said, “Shimon!30 Shimon! Behold, Satan asked to have you31 for the sifting as wheat!32 <32> And I besought for thee33 that thy faith fail not. And when thou hast turned34 back, confirm35 thy brethren.36

<33> And he said to Him, “Lord, I am ready to go with thee both to prison and to death!”

<34> And He said, “I tell thee, Peter, no way shall the cock crow today before thou shalt thrice37 deny knowing me!”38

<35> And He said unto them, “When I sent you without purse and provision bag and sandals, did ye lack anything?”

And they said, “Nothing!”

<36> He said therefore to them, “However now he who has a purse, he shall take,39 and likewise a provision bag.40 And he that hath no sword,41 he shall sell his garment and buy one!42 <37> For I say unto you that this that has been written must yet be accomplished in me, ‘And He was reckoned with the transgressors!’43 For also the things concerning me have a goal.”

<38> And they said, “Lord, behold! Here are two swords!”

And He said unto them, “It is enough!”44



The Mount of Olives

<39> And going forth, He went according to custom45 to the Mount of Olives. And His disciples also followed Him. <40> And having arrived at the place, He said to them, “Pray to not enter into temptation!”46

<41> And He was withdrawn from them about a stone’s throw. And falling on knees, He prayed, <42> saying, “Father, if Thou art willing to take away this cup47 from me— But not my will, but Thine be done.” <43> And an angel from the heavens appeared to Him strengthening Him. <44> And He prayed more intensely, being in agony.48 And His sweat became as great drops of blood falling down to the earth.

<45> And having risen up from prayer, coming to the disciples, He found them sleeping for grief.49 <46> And He said unto them, “Why sleep ye? Having risen up, pray that ye will not enter into temptation!” 50


The Arrest

<47>And while He was yet speaking, behold a crowd. And he who was called Yehudah, one of the twelve, was going before them. And he drew near to Yeshua to kiss Him. <48> And Yeshua said unto him, “Yehudah, deliverest thou up the Son of man with a kiss?”

<49> And those around him seeing what was about to happen said unto Him, “Lord, shall we smite with the sword?” 51

<50> And a certain one of them52 smote the slave of the high priest, and took off his right ear. <51> And answering, Yeshua said, “Allow ye to this point!” 53 And having touched his ear, He healed him.54

<52> And Yeshua said to those who were come against Him—the chief priests and captains of the temple and elders, “Are ye come out as against a thief with swords and staves? <53> Daily when I was with you in the Temple, ye stretched not out hands against me! But this is your hour,55 and the power of darkness!”56

<54> And having seized Him, they led.


House of the High Priest

And they led Him into the House of the High Priest.57 And Peter was following afar off.  <55> And having kindled a fire in the midst of the court, and they, having sat down together, Peter sat among them.58

<56> And a certain maid having seen him sitting by the light, and having looked intently upon him said, “And this one was with Him!”

<57> But he denied Him, saying, “Woman, I don’t know Him!” 59

<58> And after a little, another seeing him said, “And thou art of them!”

But Peter said, “Man, I am not!”

<59> And having elapsed about one hour, a certain other strongly affirmed, saying, “In truth this one also was with Him! For he is also a Galilaean!”

<60> And Peter said, “Man, I don’t know what thou art saying!” And immediately, while he was speaking, the cock crowed. <61> And having turned, the Lord looked at Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how He said to him, “Before the cock crows, thou wilt deny me thrice.” <62> And having gone forth outside, Peter wept bitterly.60

<63> And the men who were holding Yeshua mocked Him, beating. <64> And having covered Him up, they were striking His face. And they were asking Him saying, “Prophesy! Who is it that struck thee?” <65> And they blasphemously said many other things to Him.61

<66> And when it became day, the elders of the people and the chief priests and the scribes were gathered. And they led Him into their Sanhedrin, saying, <67> “If thou art the Messiah, tell us!”

<68>And He said to them, “Ye will not believe at all if I tell you.  And if I also ask, ye would not answer me nor let go. <69> Henceforth shall the Son of man be sitting on the right hand of the power of God.” 62

<70> And they all said, “Thou then art the Son of God!”

And he said to them, “Ye say that I am.” 63

<71> And they said, “What need we any further witness? For we ourselves have heard from his mouth!”



<23:1> And all the multitude of them having risen, they led Him unto Pilate.


Luke 23: Pilate, Part 1

<2> And they began to accuse Him, saying, “We found this perverting the race and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying himself is the Messiah—a King!”

<3> And Pilate questioned him, saying, “Thou art the King of the Jews?” 1

And he answering him said, “Thou sayest.” 2

<4> And Pilate said to the chief priests and the crowds, “I find nothing blameworthy in this man.” 3

<5> But they were insisting saying, “He stirs up the people, teaching throughout the whole of Judea, beginning from Galilee even to here!” 4 <6> But Pilate having heard Galilee asked whether the man is a Galilaean. <7> And having known that He is from the jurisdiction of Herod, he sent Him up to Herod, he being also at Jerusalem in those days.



<8> And Herod seeing Yeshua greatly rejoiced, for he was wishing  for a long time to see Him because of hearing many things concerning Him. And he was hoping to see some sign done by Him. <9> And he questioned Him in many words. But He answered him nothing. <10> And the chief priests and scribes had stood violently accusing Him. <11> And Herod with his troops having contemned Him and having mocked, and having put splendid apparel on Him, he sent Him back to Pilate.

<12> And both Pilate and Herod became friends with one another on that same day.5 For previously they were at enmity between themselves.


Pilate, Part 2

<13> And Pilate, having called together the chief priests6 and the rulers6 and the people, <14> said unto them, “Ye brought this man to me as turning away the people. And having examined before you, behold I found nothing in this man blameworthy of which ye bring accusation against Him—<15> nor even Herod. For I sent you up to him. And behold, nothing worthy of death is done by Him. <16> Having therefore chastised Him, I will release.”

<17> (Now he had necessity to release one to them at the feast.7) <18> But they shouted out in a mass saying, “Away with this! And release to us Barabbas!”8 <19> (who was cast into prison on account of a certain insurrection made in the city, and murder).

<20> Again therefore Pilate called to them wishing to release Yeshua. <21> But they were shouting out, saying, “Crucify!” “Crucify Him!

<22> And he said to them a third time, “What evil then did this9 commit? I found no cause of death in Him. Having therefore chastised Him, I will release!”

<23> But they were urgent with loud voices, asking for Him to be crucified. And the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed. <24> And Pilate adjudged their request to be done. <25> And he released to them him who had been cast into the prison on account of insurrection and murder, for whom they asked. And he delivered up Yeshua to their will.10

<26>And as they led Him away, having laid hold on Simon, a certain Cyrenian coming from a field, they put on him the cross to bear behind Yeshua. <27> And a great multitude of the people and of women were following Him who also were bewailing and lamenting Him.11

<28> And turning to them, Yeshua said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, don’t weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. <29> For behold, days are coming in which they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren and wombs that did not bare, and breasts that did not give suck!’ <30> Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall upon us!’ and to the hills, ‘Cover us!’12 <31> For if they do these things in the green tree, what shall take place in the dry?”13

<32> And also two other malefactors were led with him to be put to death. <33> And when they came to the place called Skull, there they crucified Him and the malefactors, one on the right and one on the left.

<34> And Yeshua said, “Father, forgive them! For they know not what they do.” 14



And dividing His garments, they cast a lot.15 <35> And the people stood beholding. And the rulers also were deriding with them, saying, “He saved others! He shall save himself, if this is the Messiah, the chosen of God!”

<36> And the soldiers also mocked Him, coming near and offering Him vinegar16 <37> and saying, “If thou art the king of the Jews, save thyself!”


The Inscription, the Malefactors

<38> And there was also an inscription written over Him in Greek and Latin and Hebrew letters, This is the king of the Jews.17

<39> Now one of the malefactors who had been hanged railed at Him, saying, “If thou art the Messiah, save thyself and us!”

<40> But answering, the other rebuked him, saying, “Dost thou not even fear God, who art under the same judgment? <41> And we indeed justly; for we receive a due recompense of what we did. But this18 did nothing amiss.” <42> And he said to Yeshua, “Remember me, Lord, when Thou comest in Thy kingdom!” 19

<43> And Yeshua said to him, “Verily I say to thee, today thou shalt be with me in Paradise.” 20



<44> And it was about the sixth hour.21 And darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour. <45> And the sun was darkened.22 And the veil of the temple was torn in the middle.23 <46> And having shouted24 with a loud voice, Yeshua said, “Father!  I will commit my spirit into Thy hands!” And having said these things, He expired.

<47> Now the centurion, having seen what took place, glorified God, saying, “Indeed this man was righteous!” <48> And all the crowds that were come together to this sight, seeing the things that took place, beating their breasts, returned.25 <49> And all those who knew Him stood afar off, and women who followed Him from Galilee, beholding these things.


Joseph, the Body, the Women

<50> And behold a man named Joseph, being a counselor,26 a good and righteous man <51> (he had not assented to the counsel and the deed of them) from Arimathaea (a city of the Jews) and who was also himself waiting for the kingdom of God, <52> he having gone to Pilate begged the body of Yeshua. <53> And having taken it down, he wrapped it in a linen cloth and placed it in a tomb hewn in a rock in which no one was ever yet laid. <54> And it was Preparation Day.27 And the Sabbath28 was coming on. <55> And women having also followed who were come with Him out of Galilee saw the tomb and how His body was laid. <56> And having returned, they prepared aromatics and ointments, and on the Sabbath rested according to the commandment.


Luke 24: The Tomb Texts


<24:1> But on the first of the week at early dawn, they came to the tomb, bringing aromatics that they had prepared, and some with them. <2> And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. <3> And having entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Yeshua.1 <4> And it came to pass, as they were perplexed about this, that behold two men2 stood by them in shining garments.

<5> And they becoming filled with fear and bowing to the earth, they said to them, “Why seek ye the living with the dead? <6> He is not here, but is risen! Remember how He spoke to you yet being in Galilee, <7> saying, ‘It behooveth the Son of man to be delivered up into hands of sinful men and to be crucified, and to arise the third day.’” <8> And they remembered His words.

<9> And having returned from the tomb, they related all these things to the eleven and to all the rest. <10> Now it was Miriam of Migdal and Yohannah and Miriam of Jacob and the rest with them who told these things to the apostles. <11> And their words appeared before them like idle talk. And they disbelieved them. <12> But Peter having risen up ran to the tomb. And having stooped down, he sees the linen cloths lying alone. And he went away home, wondering at that which had come to pass.


Toward Emmaus

<13> And, behold, two of them3 were going on the same day to a village, being distant—sixty furlongs4—from Jerusalem, whose name is Emmaus. <14> And they were conversing with one another about all these things that had taken place. <15> And it came to pass as they conversed and reasoned, that Yeshua Himself having drawn near went with them. <16> But their eyes were held so that they would not know Him.5

<17> And He said to them, “What words are these that ye exchange with one another as ye walk, and are downcast in countenance?”

<18> And the one answering whose name is Cleopas said to Him, “Sojournest thou alone in Jerusalem and hast not known the things that are come to pass in it in these days?”

<19> And He said to them, “What things?” And they said to Him, “Concerning Yeshua the Natzarean Who was a man, a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people, <20> and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him up to judgment of death, and crucified Him! <21> But we were hoping it is He Who is about to redeem Israel. But then with all these things, this brings the third day today since these things came to pass. <22> And—but certain women from among us astonished us, having been early to the tomb. <23> And not having found His body, they came, declaring also to have seen a vision of angels who say He is living! <24> And some of those with us went to the tomb and found so as also the women said! But they didn’t see Him.”

<25> And He said to them, “Senseless and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets spoke! <26> Was it not needful for the Messiah to suffer these things and to enter into His glory??”

<27> And beginning from Moses and from all the prophets, He interpreted to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures. <28> And they drew nigh to the village where they were going.

And He appeared to be going farther. <29> And they constrained Him, saying, “Abide with us! For it is toward evening, and the day has declined.” And He entered in to abide with them.


Yeshua Eats Bread

<30> And it came to pass, as He reclined with them, having taken the bread, He blessed.6 And having broken, He gave to them. <31> And their eyes were opened. And they knew Him! And He disappeared from them.

<32> And they said to one another, “Was not our heart burning in us as He was speaking to us in the way, and as He was opening to us the Scriptures?” <33> And rising up the same hour, they returned to Jerusalem.

<34> And they found the eleven gathered together, and those with them,  saying, “The Lord is risen indeed! And He appeared to Shimon!” <35> And they related the things in the way, and how He was known to them by the breaking of bread.

<36> And as they were telling these things, Yeshua Himself stood in their midst and says to them, “Shalom to you!” <37> But being terrified and filled with fear, they thought they beheld a spirit.

<38> And He said to them, “Why are ye troubled? And why do reasonings come up in your hearts?  <39> See my hands and my feet—that I am He! Handle me, and see! For a spirit has not flesh and bones as ye see me having!”

<40> And having said this, He showed them hands and feet. <41> But yet while they were disbelieving for joy and were wondering, He said to them, “Have ye anything edible here?” <42> And they gave to Him part of a broiled fish and of a honeycomb. <43> And having taken, He ate before them.

<44> And He said to them, “These are the words that I spoke to you yet being with you, that all things must be fulfilled that have been written in the Torah of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning me.” <45> Then He opened their understanding to understand the Scriptures.


Explanation and Israel’s Assignment

<46> And He said to them, “Thus it has been written, and thus it behoved the Messiah to suffer and to rise from among the dead the third day. <47> And repentance and remission of sins should be proclaimed in His Name to all races beginning at Jerusalem.7 <48> And ye are witnesses8 of these things. <49> And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you. But remain ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be clothed with power from on high.”

<50> And he led them out as far as to Bethany. And having lifted up His hands, He blessed them. <51> And it came to pass as He was blessing them, He was separated from them and was carried up into the heavens. <52> And they having worshipped9 Him returned to Jerusalem with great joy.

<53> And they were continually in the Temple praising and blessing God. Amen.



Matthew, Mark, Luke, 1 Corinthians Reconciled

If Messiah’s Skip-over texts are joined in order, avoiding redundancy, all four Texts put together are as follows:

And He said unto them, “With desire I have desired to eat this Skip-over with you before I suffer. For I say unto you, I will not any more eat of him10 until it11 be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.”

And He took the cup. And He gave thanks. And He said, “Take this and divide among yourselves. For I say unto you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine12 until the kingdom of God shall come.”

And as they were eating, Yeshua took bread. And He blessed. And He brake. And He gave to the disciples. And He said, “Take! Eat! This is my Body13 that is given,14 broken15 for you. Do this16 in remembrance of me.”

Likewise also He took the cup after supper. And He gave thanks. And He gave to them, saying, “This cup17 is the New Covenant18 in my blood that is shed for you.” 19

And they all drank of it.

“For this is my blood of the New Covenant18 that is shed for many20 for the remission21 of sins. Do ye this in remembrance of me as often as ye drink.22 But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom, the Kingdom of God!” 23

For as often as ye eat this bread24 and drink this cup, 25 ye26 do show the Lord’s death till He comes.27 Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread28 and drink the cup of the Lord29 unworthily30 shall be guilty of the Body31 and blood of the Lord! But let a man examine himself.32 And so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For he who eateth and drinketh unworthily eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s Body! 33





The Seder (Order)

1. Yeshua took the cup.

2. He gave thanks (in Hebrew, confessions).

3. He told the Disciples to take the cup (singular) and divide it among themselves. Messiah did not drink, but will do so when the Kingdom of God shall come (teaching that the Kingdom of God has not yet come).

4. He took Matzah during the meal.

5. He blessed Yehovah.

6. He broke the bread, dispensing it to the Disciples.

7. He then told them to take the Matzah. They did, and

8. He told them to eat it, declaring that the Matzah is His Body that is given and dispensed for them (for the Israelis). The word broken, referring to bread, indicates piecing it for eating, not shattering as in a broken heart. Messiah told them to break and piece Matzah to each other in remembrance of Him.

9. He took the cup after they had eaten the Skip-over as He had during the meal.

10. He again gave thanks to Yehovah.

11. He gave it to them, telling them that the cup is the New Covenant in His blood that is shed for the Israelis. He did not relate the cup’s contents with blood at this point, but the whole cup and its contents with the New Covenant. This New Covenant is made in His blood, and His blood is shed for the Israelis. His Disciples all drank from this cup, confirming the New Covenant in His blood.

Messiah stated that the blood mentioned before is His blood of the New Covenant that is shed for many—not just the Israelis—for sin remission. They are to do this Skip-over section in remembrance of Messiah as often as they drink.

Messiah reminded them that He would not drink of this fruit of the vine until that day (the Day of Yehovah) when He drinks it new with them in His Father’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.



Psalm 126

<1> A Song of the steps1 in Yehovah’s returning the captivity2 of Zion.

We were as dreamers.3 <2>Then our mouth shall be filled of laughter, and our tongue an ululation! 4

Then they shall say in the races,5 “Yehovah made big6 to do with these! 7

<3>Yehovah made big to do with us! 8 We were happy-ones!”

<4> Return, Yehovah, our returning-ones as rivulets in the Negev.9  <5> The seeders10 with a tear11 shall reap12 with an ululation. <6>Walking, he shall walk and weep, lifting, drawing the seed.13 Coming, he shall come with a ululation, carrying his bundles.14