Israel, Gentiles, the Millennium

How Do Israel and the Gentiles fit into the Millennium, the New Earth and the New Heavens?

1. How do Israel and the Gentiles arrive into the Millennium?

There will be two ways to arrive into the Millennium. One is by faith, and the other is by works. The one that is by faith will always be accompanied by works that demonstrate that faith. The other that is by works will not be conjoined with faith at that time. The Jews can only arrive into the Millennium by faith and its accompanying works, whereas Gentiles can arrive by both means (one example being the Matthew 25:31 and following ‘Sheep/Goat’ judgment).

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Some Observations on the Book of Revelation

7 Churches of Revelation

The book of Revelation is a greatly misunderstood volume. It isn’t that it is difficult to read or understand; it is one of the simplest books in the Bible. Those who state (usually emphatically) that it is difficult express what they have heard, and what they have been erroneously taught. Those who have read the book with just a little care, ignoring all commentaries, have found that the first several chapters may represent a mystery, but once the book turns to the judgments, the flow and clarity is usually quite simple.

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