Islam’s Deity and the Bible’s Deity


Religions are anchors for souls. A religion is a system of beliefs, usually including gods and sometimes goddesses, that incorporates morality and ethics and prescribed behaviours for life and living. Religions are anchors for folks whether or not they are true or truth. A person has a personality that is built in, a character that the person determines, and a religion that the person finds useful for living according to the person’s own determined character.

Anyone who attacks the religion of another is attacking the foundation for the person’s character, and is also attacking the very anchor for the person’s soul by which the person is kept from deteriorating into total lawlessness. It is a great evil to attack the religion of another; it is akin to attacking the person, and sometimes to attacking an entire culture. It will cause wars, and is totally unnecessarily.

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Exodus 7:26-8 Frog, Louse, and the Swarm

Background and Printed Text: Exodus chapter 8 [Starting at 7:26 in Hebrew]

Note: I give the verse references for both the Hebrew Bible and the King James Version Bible. Please use the verse reference that matches the Bible you are using so that you won’t get lost. The chapters differ because translators and copyists chose to break up the chapters at different points. The choice made by the Hebrew copyists makes more sense in this case.


Exodus 7:26 [Hebrew Bible]; Exodus 8:1, [KJV] And Yehovah said unto Draw [Moshe], “Come unto Pharaoh! And thou shalt say unto him, ‘So said Yehovah! “Send my people! And he has served me!  27 [8:2, KJV] And if thou art refusing to send, behold I am scourging all thy border via Tzfardeem [frogs]!   28 [8:3, KJV] And the canal shall swarm Tzfardeem [frogs]. And they shall ascend. And they shall come into thine house and into the chamber of thy bed and upon thy recliner and into the house of thy slaves and into thy people and into thine ovens and into thy kneadingtroughs!  29 [8:4, KJV] And the Tzfardeem [frogs] will ascend into thee and into thy people and into all thy slaves. The Tzfardeem [frogs] shall ascend!”’”

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